Airline captain wrote letter to the tooth fairy after girl lost tooth on the plane

For a girl who lost her tooth during the trip, the captain of United Airlines penned a message to the tooth fairy.

After a 36-hour stopover in New York, Lena’s family took a night flight from Norway, where they were on vacation, to their hometown of South Carolina.

The exhausted girl fell asleep on board and didn’t notice how her lower tooth slipped out. The missing item was located in the baggage claim area.

The family attempted to return to the plane in the hopes of retrieving the missing tooth, but the security doors were securely shut.

The six-year-old child felt upset and started crying. The tooth began to sag about a month ago, and the child was eagerly anticipating its removal so that the tooth fairy might send her a gift. After all, her mother had informed her that the tooth fairy is extremely particular about the teeth she gathers and uses for her castle, so if the child’s tooth has a cavity or a dark spot, she would toss the unhealthy tooth into the mouth of a gigantic cave, where it would be crushed into magical dust. And little Lena attempted to care for her milk teeth. After eating candies and chocolates, she washed her mouth and cleaned her teeth thoroughly in the morning and evening. The tooth, however, fell out during the journey.

Lena’s mother attempted to console her. The aircraft’s crew was passing by at the time.

Josh Duhow, the plane’s captain, penned a letter to the tooth fairy for Lena, asking the fairy to take «this note instead of a tooth» from the youngster.

The pilot’s gesture was quite kind. He did not ignore the child’s cries and sought time to assist.

The girl’s parents thanked the pilot profusely and widely publicized his efforts.

She put a letter beneath her pillow and awoke to find a fairy present.

The youngster was overjoyed. She told her mother that she would continue to take care of her teeth so that the tooth fairy would remember to bring her a present the following time.






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